Greetings fellow androids humans!

This is a blog about the Droid phone from Motorola with the Verizon service and Android 2.0 operating system.

More generally it’s also about Android devices and smartphone culture.

I started this blog the day after I got my Droid. I’ve been looking for a path off the iPhone ever since Apple’s developer strategy became clear. If Droid isn’t that path, then it certainly is helping define what the path looks like. It offers me hope because, while it’s not as polished and simple as an iPhone, it’s in the ballpark. It’s an interesting and useful product. And the Verizon service is so much better than AT&T, it gives me a reward for having the tenacity to explore.

If you’re a Droid user yourself and would like to write for the site, post something here as a comment. If it looks good I’ll set you up with a Contributor account and it can be a story.

If you just like to lurk, that’s cool too. And if you’re not a Droid user but interested, welcome!

This, like the Droid itself, is an inclusive place. 🙂

10 Responses to “About”

  1. Bill Simpson Says:

    Hi, I was attempting to visit your site from my office PC and was blocked by our web filtering service. Websense reported your site as containing “potentially damaging content “. This usually indicates spyware has been installed and is being passed on to visitors.

  2. JW Summers Says:

    I don’t need a cell phone but I might buy a Droid like device like an ipod touch for web browsing and such. Is there gonna be such a device?

  3. Ron K. Jeffries (rkj) 's status on Thursday, 19-Nov-09 23:59:17 UTC - Identi.ca Says:

    […] is Dave Winer's new blog about (what else) the Moto/VZ Droid http://droidie.com/about/ a few seconds ago from […]

  4. Erik Neu Says:

    Hi Dave. In the past, you have written about ideas for the ideal device for listening to podcasts. I would be interested to hear your thoughts on the Droid phone / Android platform / whatever Android app you have tried, such as DoggCatcher.

    I use an Android phone as my Podcast listener, and am pretty happy with it for subscribed podcasts. For ad-hoc podcasts (your recent River of News interview, for example), it isn’t so convenient. I have ideas for improving on that, centered around a web connection for the podcasting client. For example, I would like to be able to either copy the URL into a web page, and have that create the feed, or just email the link to my Podcatcher app.

  5. Is Droid the perfect podcatcher? « DROIDIE Says:

    […] I’ve been using the Droid for about a month and Eric Neu asked a great question. Does it fit the description I outlined in 2007? I don’t know the answer, […]

  6. Ilya Rivkin Says:

    I have to say that the Droid doesn’t have the best battery life. I have to charge it every day. But what exactly is eating up the battery? From the main screen, click the menu button-> settings.
    Scroll down to the bottom and you’ll find About phone. Click on that and you’ll find some pretty cool info, one of which is the Battery use which details exactly what has been using the battery. For me the big drain is the Cell standby, and wifi has only been taking up about 10%.

    Also as a side note, there is also a System Tutorial under the About phone section. However it only shows you how to use the keyboard. Maybe Motorola will add more content in future updates.

  7. Erik Neu Says:

    Hi, it sounds like you might be looking for some content, based on Dave’s Avatar post? I have done a fair amount of writing about Android in my personal blog, and I think I have some pretty good ideas, but absolutely nobody other than my mother reads that, so if you are interested, I would be game to contribute.
    Android Apps:
    Mobile in general:

    PS–I have a myTouch, not a Droid per se. Not sure if that is a deal-breaker.

  8. Sean MacLeod Says:

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