Android 2.2 will be a wifi hotspot?

Forget tethering, wifi is the way to go.

If what they say at Engadget is true, I just wasted a bunch of money on a Verizon mifi device, two year contract. I carry a Droid in my pocket with me everywhere I go. I have a Nexus One in the desk drawer. I will now have an excess capacity of wifi on my person. Woe is me!

I wonder how much Verizon will charge to turn this on?

I use an AT&T SIM in my Nexus One. How will they like this?

Next week is Google’s devcon. Expect the earth to shake. This is just the beginning.

Gartenberg: “Don’t get too excited about tethering and hotspot features in FroYo, almost certain carriers will have last word on function and price.”

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