The iPad could learn from Droid

A picture named seven.gifI know Apple is the leader here, but there are at least a couple of ideas in Android that should be in the Apple mobile operating system.

1. Search is very nicely integrated into everything about the Android. Not surprising because Google got its start in search. I used my Droid to look something up at lunch today and thought later — how would I have done that in the iPad. I would have had to quit whatever I was doing (if it wasn’t Safari). Droid has search right on the home screen. Hit the Home button and click in the search box and type away.

2. My iPad is always beeping. What is it beeping about? I have no idea and as far as I know there’s no way to find out. That’s just bizarre. Now I didn’t used to think so until I got accustomed to the very nice Notifications menu in Android. Want to know why it’s talking to you? Just click in the menu and pull it down. There’s the list. Now for all I know there’s a way to do this in iPhone/iPad. Let me know.

One more thing about how stunning you might think this thing is for real-world people. I had to ride the 7 train from Main St in Flushing to Times Square today. Doesn’t get much more mainstream than that. Believe me. I took out the iPad at Main St, and used it all the way Queens Plaza (the train goes underground shortly after that). Connected to the net via my Sprint mifi. Now there was a kid sitting across from me, I’d guess 13 or 14, Asian, eating some Pringles and staring at the iPad. Got out after three stops, never said a word. Otherwise everyone else ignored me and my flashy new device.

In other words, it’s Sunday, and the guy has a Kindle so BFD. Been there done that. (There was a guy with a Kindle and his girlfriend had a real book.)

I’m not trying to draw any global lessons from this, but real people need real reasons to get excited. The form factor is nice, I like it (even love it). But soon after that what matters is what it can do for me, and what I can do with it.

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8 Responses to “The iPad could learn from Droid”

  1. Alex Knight Says:

    What do you mean it’s always beeping? Are you talking about Push notifications?

    If so then Settings > Notifications”

    • Dave Winer Says:

      Okay I’m going to call you Schmucko, but know that I’m saying it with lots of love.

      Hey Schmucko, what part of “I have no idea” don’t you understand? 🙂

  2. Heng-Cheong Leong Says:

    My guess on the beeps: new mail.
    On iPhone, it’s Settings app > Sounds > New Mail. I don’t know about iPad.

  3. sivan Says:

    You still can’t search the calendar on Android

  4. Steve Rubel Says:

    I had the opposite experience. I took my iPad to Barnes and Noble on Long island yesterday where I used it for about three hours. Had half a dozen people came up to ask me. Better than having a puppy or a baby – as far as getting attention goes!

  5. Steve Kudelko Says:

    I am a long-time Apple user that switched from the iPhone (I had it since it came out, bought the iPhone 3G and iPhone 3GS) to the Droid when the Droid first came out. I didn’t switch because of the Droid, but because my company offered to pay for my phone, and they had a contract with Verizon. I constantly get asked by people who have known me for a while “how to you like the Droid compared to the iPhone?” and honestly, the points you mentioned here are usually what I bring up. I say things like this: the iPhone is a better phone for gaming and applications, but the Droid is a better phone for the internet. I love Verizon’s network much more than AT&T, but then again, I live in Western Pennsylvania where AT&T 3G signal is at least 50 miles in each direction. But even if I had to use EDGE, I believe I’d still get things done faster on the Droid.

    I’ve been considering iPad for a while. Since I got the Droid, I haven’t replaced my iPhone with an iPod Touch, but thought the iPad might be what I buy. I’m watching reviews carefully, though. After using Windows 7, the Motorola Droid, and the Zune HD, I’m not as quick to throw down my dollars for anything with the Apple logo as I used to be.

    I know this comment was WAY off topic, but I wanted to let you know that, from another former iPhone current Droid user, your post was spot on.

  6. Jim H Says:

    You mean, the iPad should have the amped-up, energy-drink and teenage testosterone ad campaign that the Droid did?

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