Try the Opera Mini Browser

I find the Opera mini browser stunningly fast. My understanding is that this is because the pages are compressed on the server, before being sent across the 3G connection. Anyway, the results are terrific. Though speed is its signature feature, the browser is all-around good, especially the newest, but very stable, v5 beta. It also has the option to format pages in a “mobile view”, which typically works better than standard layout on the small device (this is a Setting).

To get the latest version 5 beta, you need to search market for “Opera beta”. It is reputed to be very stable, and in 2 weeks of usage, I have had no problems (on MT3G Android v1.6). If you want the prior version, just search “Opera”.

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One Response to “Try the Opera Mini Browser”

  1. greggish Says:

    But it’s an unfree browser. It’s better to get freedom, than to get features.

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