5 Droid Apps to Keep Your Kids Busy

Let’s skip having the argument about whether or not parents should let their kids play with their droid and move right into a discussion of the best apps to download in order to keep them entertained. There are five that I find particularly useful:

1. SameCOLOR My nine year old can play this for hours (so could I, actually). You can play mindlessly, or you can work with a strategy. Either way it’s a decent way to pass the time.

2. Puzzles (PlayGamesSite.com) has a variety of images shuffled into 12-48 boxes that need to be dragged into place. My daughter (4) loves the barbie puzzles. My son – the harder spider man pictures do the trick.

3. FingerPaint (by jptomato) allows my kids to draw with their fingers (come on — admit it — as a kid, how many of you imagined you could draw with your pinky?) Choosing color, texture, brush width, etc is so easy a four year old could do it.  And she does.

4. Spindroid light is a digital rubik cube. You magicall rotate the toy with the tip of your finger. Nicely challenging.

5. Solitaire is fun for the older child (and adult). Last week I taught my son how to play solitaire with REAL cards. This week he’s winning games on my droid.

The apps listed above are FREE in the android app store. I’ve only just begun to scratch the surface of what is offered. There’s got to be a gazillion and one other kid-friendly apps out there, right?

Next time: Why You Should Never Let Your Kids Play with Your Droid.
See you then.

2 Responses to “5 Droid Apps to Keep Your Kids Busy”

  1. Scott Magoon Says:

    This really highlights something that’s missing from the Android ecosystem – the equivalent of the iPod touch. That’s Apple’s secret weapon IMHO. And that type of non-phone device is what you want to give to the kid.


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