Mounting Nexus One as a disk on my netbook?

Update: The “problem” below was cured by using a different cable.Never mind. :-)

This is a Nexus One question.

I can’t remember if it was a puzzle to figure out how to mount the Droid as a disk drive on my netbook. I just plug it in via USB and it appears. Any MP3 or AVI files I copy onto it show up in the Gallery or Music apps, ready to be watched or played. I’ve been doing that with the Droid since Day One.

Okay, now I want to do the same with my brand-new Nexus One.

When I plug it in, there’s no option to mount the device as a disk on my computer.

This may be a silly question, but isn’t this supposed to Just Work?

PS: The animated wallpaper is coool. I have the leaves-on-a-pond background. Very nice! :-)

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5 Responses to “Mounting Nexus One as a disk on my netbook?”

  1. Tristan McCann Says:

    There should be an option in the notification area to mount the drive, at which time it will appear in the netbook’s drives.

  2. Dennis Moser Says:

    That _should_ work…just give it a try.

    I can’t recall doing anything special to either my G1 or my Crackberry (tho’ on the G1, I also had a 8GB microSD in there and had to tell it to mount the disk)…

  3. Navarr Says:

    There was a website made for this, apparently. It should work like this, shouldn’t it?

  4. Justin Says:

    Just drag the notification drawer down, and tap on the notification for USB. Then tap mount.

    When you’re done, go back there and tap unmount.

    Yes, it should just work. Complain to Google. We shouldn’t have to explain this to every new Android user…

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