Macros for cell phones

I was taking a bunch of pictures of sex shop and bong shop windows in the West Village yesterday. My companion asked if I was uploading them to the server, and I said God no, I’ll have to do that later. Too many steps. Way too many steps.

But then, this evening, I realized it could be made much simpler, that the problem is easily solved by adding the ability to program a few function keys in the camera app. Really just one would do.

You’d program the key to mail the photo that you’re currently viewing to a specified mail address with a title that’s determined algorithmically — perhaps a function of the location (West Village, New York) or the date and time. I don’t really care that much about the title. I can patch that later when I’m back at my desktop.

It would work like the old PC products ProKey and Superkey worked. Or the Mac produvct QuicKeys. Okay they won’t let us have scripting languages for these things, at least give us simple hacks to customize these tools to make them work exactly the way we want so you can shoot pics up to the net without stopping and typing a bunch of stuff at the computer.

It’s exactly like the problem I outlined in 1999 in Edit This Page. Writing for the web, back then, forced you to be a book keeper. Now it’s the same with outdoor photography. And you really feel it walking around when it’s 18 degrees outside with a windchill fo minus 80 million. :-)

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4 Responses to “Macros for cell phones”

  1. Jeremy Zilar Says:

    That is a fantastic idea! That would go along way towards enabling news orgs to take in user contributed photos around breaking news events.

  2. Frank McPherson Says:

    Buzz Bruggeman has been talking about doing a port of ActiveWords for mobile phones for years. Hasn’t happened yet 😦

  3. Kellie Miller Says:

    I’ve been noticing lately that so many people/languages/platforms are so concerned about preventing imagined catastrophes that rarely, if ever, occur, that they throw the proverbial baby out with the bathwater. I’ve noticed it with computer languages (strict type checking vs. loose typing of scripting languages), phone companies requiring applications to be blessed by their app stores, the list goes on.

    I love the idea of a phone with a scripting language so that I can make it do what I want. I have a much richer imagination when it comes to things that will make my life easier than some app developer that I never met and whose lifestyle is substantially different from mine.

    My favorite app on my Palm pilot was a little scheme interpreter that let me hack to my hearts content.

    I’m eagerly awaiting the next generation digital cameras that supposedly will have wifi and the ability to email pictures built in to them. I hope it’s easy enough to do that people will use it.

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