Playing with my Nexus One

It’s far too soon to say what it’s like, I’ve barely gotten started. But here’s a picture.

My Nexus One

Next question. It doesn’t have a SIM.

Can I pop the SIM out of my iPhone and put it into the Nexus One? I have to investigate.

Well I searched all over the hotel room I’m in and there are no paper clips. So I won’t be swapping the SIM card out of the iPhone tonight. Probably for the best because I have a long day ahead of me tomorrow and I have to get some rest.

I wonder if Verizon would sell me a SIM to put into my Nexus?

Here’s the first picture I took withe the Nexus One.

First photo taken with Nexus One

Click on the image to see a larger size.

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15 Responses to “Playing with my Nexus One”

  1. Jonathan Greene Says:

    yes pop it in … the iPhone sim works in other devices, but you can’t use other sims in the iPhone

  2. Toby Cubbin Says:

    Yes your AT&T SIM will work in the Nexus for voice, but don’t expect 3G to work.

  3. Scott Says:

    iPhone SIM to Nexus One worked for me. Have fun!


  4. Dennis Moser Says:


    You should be able to pop the iPhone sim in and run it on the ATT network … you won’t get 3G, but you can obviously still use it.

    Not sure if you’ll have to do the whole Google account registration thing, though.

  5. Dennis Moser Says:

    Since it’s essentially an unlocked phone (I’ve an unlocked Tmob/Google G1), you should be able to put any sim in it. We did that with our Android phones in Italy ( and got 3G…it was awesome being able to twitter the conference I was attending that had no wireless!).

  6. jef Says:

    Check to see if your hotel room has a sewing kit in the bathroom? A sewing needle should let you pop out the sim. It might be in minibar stuff too…

    Maybe drape hook? Be creative!

  7. Pat Says:

    Does anyone know if I can just transfer my TMobile SIM card for my Blackberry back and forth between the Blackberry and the Nexus One or is that a no-no.

  8. Peter Cohen Says:

    Verizon won’t work. Nexus One = GSM, Verizon = CDMA. Read the FAQ.

  9. greggish Says:

    “I wonder if Verizon would sell me a SIM to put into my Nexus?”

    I don’t think that’s possible given that Verizon’s network is CDMA and the Nexus One is a GSM phone.

  10. Navarr Says:

    Does it do MMS at all? I haven’t heard or seen anything mentioning it either way.

  11. Mickey Says:

    Does an AT&T iPhone SIM work with data on the Edge network? Or no data at all with an AT&T iPhone SIM?

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