My Droid is Pink

Full disclosure: up until now I’ve been a Blackberry user. I’ve never owned an iPhone (I wanted one! just not enough to switch my carrier to ATT). When my THIRD BB broke last week, I decided it might be worth my while to upgrade to the new Droid. Um, yea. Whole new world.

Despite what the ads want you to believe, the new Verizon Droid is NOT a man’s phone. In fact, with little prepping, this little device has “girl” written all over it.

1. Case – Wrap your droid in a something hard. Yes it adds bulk and weight, but it does a good job of protecting it from the times your kid drops it while getting frustrated playing Slide Puzzle. Furthermore, you can choose yourself a color. Naturally, mine is pink.

2. Wallpaper – your new phone comes with a selection of wallpapers to choose from. Some of them are ok, but I suggest downloading the free application Backgrounds by System Media. They have a gazillion different images to choose from, arranged by categories with amusing titles like Flowers, Hearts and Girly right next to Sports, Fire Explosion and For Guys. (Alternatively you could use a photograph of your own as a background, but I find it difficult to properly view the home screen this way.) I chose waves of pink flower petals. Very pretty. And it matches my case.

3. Ringtone – I’m not one for pop-songs going off when my phone rings, but I do like a nice gentle sounding purr. There are lovely tones packaged with your Droid, but you can also download or create your own. Just do us all a favor and choose a tone – not the sound of your youngest child saying “mommy.’

4. Slide down keyboard – I rarely use this thing, but when I do can’t help feeling like Audry Hepburn opening a compact to powder my nose… the “clickety clack” is just so …. feminine.

I’ve not mentioned all the applications available and how they too can “feminize” your droid by helping with comparative shopping, music exchange, social media, and just plain fun. Of course, if you’re an iPhone user you already know about the apps. But your phone comes pretty so, apps are accessories. Right?

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2 Responses to “My Droid is Pink”

  1. achampag Says:

    we need to see a pic of said pink phone!

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