Technology to Combat Texting-While-Driving

I think the wireless carriers have an increasing commoditization problem. One way to combat that is adroit marketing. For example, Verizon’s Droid campaign has probably made a lot of people think that Android is synonymous with Verizon. Taking the name “Droid” certainly helps. It’s pretty clever, seeing as T-Mobile had a 1-year head-start as the sole U.S. carrier with an Android offering.

So for the life of me, I can’t understand why one of the carriers isn’t pushing, hard, on the ability to allow parents to exert control to prevent texting while driving. There are a number of solutions out there for the Android platform. Maybe the carriers don’t want to draw attention to the issue? Okay, then one of the handset manufacturers should push that angle–sell handsets with texting-control software pre-installed, and in marketing, hammer home that feature (giving the impression that it is unique to that make of phone).

Clarification:  The solutions in question are of the parental controls variety. The idea is to prevent your teen from even being tempted to text while driving. There are provisions for remotely relaxing the control, as the parental “admin”, when appropriate–when your teen is the passenger.

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One Response to “Technology to Combat Texting-While-Driving”

  1. Brent Logan Says:

    Unless the app can tell whether the user is in the driver seat, it’s going to block passengers from texting.

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