Fix for loose Droid battery cover

Lifehacker has a video tutorial that shows how to fix the loose battery cover on the Droid in just a few minutes.

If you try it let us know how it works. I probably won’t be able to try it for the next few hours.

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4 Responses to “Fix for loose Droid battery cover”

  1. Joseph Palmer Says:

    I busted the latch on my sidekick, and I found using a couple of pea sized blobs of Blu-Tack (That putty-like stuff you use for holding posters to the wall) between the battery and the door worked perfectly. You can still remove the door when needed, it just moves very slowly, but in normal use the door remains very firmly affixed.

  2. Jeff Lee Says:

    I got my Droid this past Friday and bought the rugged silicon gel case from Verizon along with the device. I just worry about dropping small electronic devices. It snaps over the top of everything, is very rugged and doesn’t get in the way. $16.99. However make sure it fits before you leave the store. It’s snug and if it’s just a little bit off, it will pop out.

  3. Remmnever Says:

    Works great! I was really getting annoyed with this.

  4. Lee White Says:

    Worked for me. Now it is actually a little hard to get the cover off. Thanks.

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