It’s not a princess. It’s a robot!

Hah. If Droid keeps running ads like this we can overlook a few rebate scams and a battery cover that keeps falling off. :-)

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9 Responses to “It’s not a princess. It’s a robot!”

  1. Mark Essel Says:

    Must… resist… until 4G comes out…

  2. Kenny Says:

    Hmmm…. What’s worse the battery cover coming off so often or the battery needing to be charge if you use if for more than 4 hours or so?

  3. Phong Le Says:

    Are you for real? You would Motorola for faulty engineering and business scams because their advertisements amuse you? You’re joking right?

  4. John B Says:

    Honestly, I don’t see how these ads could make up for the shortcomings of Vz and the Droid. How does a snarky ad fix a battery cover or enable simultaneous data and voice usage?

    Would you similarly forgive Apple for your grievances if they had a Michael-Bay-like commercial attacking a competitor?

    The ‘droid can’ and ‘map for that’ commercials seem far more effective, as they actually have a point. This ad is intent on attacking potential customers, and fostering an us-vs-them self view in current droid owners. Are they concerned that the newly minted $350 early termination fee is not enough to hang on to Droid owners?

    • Dave Winer Says:

      I like a good ad.

      I like Apple’s ads too — you know the one with PC, who is such a lovable idiot and the Mac guy who’s kind of a stoner, but gets all the cute chicks.

      In other words, your guys run mean ads too. 🙂

  5. Sovereign John Says:

    When you’re broken down and on the side of the road does the droid ads allow you to call someone?

  6. Is Droid the perfect podcatcher? « DROIDIE Says:

    […] It’s not a princess. It’s a robot! […]

  7. Sean Meyer Says:

    I just have no idea who they are trying to target. For selling an smartphone, shouldn’t you like not offend the crowd who buys apple products. I guess they are banking on the rednecks who hate aesthetics market.

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