Taking my Droid on the (rail) road

I’m taking a road trip today and tomorrow from San Francisco to Denver on the California Zephyr.

The trip will take us through Reno, Salt Lake City, Grand Junction and into Denver. Right now, at 12:40PM Pacific, we’re on our way into the Sierra.

I’m taking pictures and notes on the trip, and tethering from my Asus Eee PC through my Verizon Droid.

So far I’ve had continuous service the whole way, but I don’t imagine it will continue indefinitely.

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2 Responses to “Taking my Droid on the (rail) road”

  1. bijan sabet Says:

    here’s a song for you since you are on the California Zephyr


  2. Rebooting personal news « Rebooting The News Says:

    […] I documented it many ways — on Twitter, with a set of pictures on Flickr, and blog posts on a variety of sites. With each tweet I’d get a flurry of questions asking why I was in Utah or Colorado. […]

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