We want to keep Bijan!

I was trying to figure out when it was that I decided that I had to find a way off the iPhone. Then I found this blog post I wrote on September 23 of this year, entitled: I want to divorce my iPhone. Yeah I think that was the moment. 😉

Other news, yesterday was a record traffic day here on the Droidie blog. Amazing how much interest there is in this subject. Given that we had over 11K page reads yesterday, I imagine that today will be somewhat less. Still, I’m really happy so many people are finding the site useful.

We figured out how to tether the Droid to both Mac and Windows laptops. Not sure about Linux yet. I’m using PDANet on my Eee PC. Works like a charm. Getting some great throughput. Now I have to take a trip…


Bijan, the subject of this post, is Bijan Sabet. He’s a serial entrepreneur based in Boston, who is now a venture capitalist at the super-hot VC firm, Spark Capital. I met Bijan through Fred Wilson. Both Fred and Bijan are investors in and board members of Twitter. Bijan and I have become good friends. I like him enormously, he’s always got an opinion, and he’s willing to try new stuff out.

Last Friday which was the big rollout day for the Droid, Bijan, who’s three hours ahead of me, made the jump first. I was on the fence, but seeing Bijan go for it, I decided what the heck, and I drove down to the Verizon store in El Cerrito and plopped down my Visa card. I fell in love and the next day started this blog.

Yesterday Bijan wrote his progress report on the Droid. He’s undecided whether he’ll return it or not. As I read over his list of pros and cons, I nodded my head at all the pros, but the cons aren’t that important to me, except for the camera, which we both agree sucks.

I have never been a big user of apps on the iPhone because I couldn’t stomach Apple’s control of the market. To me, using apps that are so heavily censored is like reading news that’s heavily censored, or eating fruit or veggies that have had all the nutrients removed. It’s worse than nothing. So I have stayed with my three main uses for the iPhone: camera, tethering and of course as a cell phone.

Anyway, I encourage you all to read Bijan’s list and if you have any comments, or ideas, or if you’re an app developer — let’s fill the holes in his list. See, the lack of apps can be seen in a positive light, it spells opportunity for smart developers. I bet that people who are unrestricted by the platform vendor will eventually to kick the butts of people who are waiting for Apple to approve their apps.

PS: A note to my old friend Roger McNamee who is advising Palm. Look at how important the influence of a person like Bijan is, because he’s networked into other opinion leaders. When the Palm Pre was rolling out, they went with the usual reviewers, Mossberg and Pogue. No problem with that, but you have to look for the Bijans and Freds. These people move opinion, get people like me off our butts and in motion. There’s no reason the Pre couldn’t have played the role that Droid has been playing, and it may not be too late, either. That’s why I mention it. (And a shout out to Roger on birthdays, I was born on May 2 too, one year before him.)

PPS: Now that I’ve got my editorial tools completely working with wordpress.com, I gotta say — what a platform! It performs like a mofo, and has almost all the hooks I need. I expect to hook the new tools into the others, Posterous and Tumblr, but I got to WordPress first and I’m lovin it.

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2 Responses to “We want to keep Bijan!”

  1. bijan sabet Says:

    thx for the nice words!

    I’m digging the droid more and more. and already I’ve heard from folks that read my post about some apps that I should check out that fill in some of the gaps.

    i’m also told by some friends at google that a sw update is coming in december that will improve a few bugs including the camera app.

    I’m gonna give it another week.

    i really like your Droid blog. Great content/tips and feels alive and I can feel your excitement in each post.

  2. fred wilson Says:

    thanks for the kind words dave

    i dream of a RIM droid

    i love the form factor of a RIM curve, i can touch type on the keyboard while walking on the streets of manhattan and not look at the keyboard. no other keyboard makes that possible for me.

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