First day of school/work with my DROID

I had the chance to get to know my DROID this weekend and was able to set it up to my liking. Today I got to put it through some real world testing that is, a part time job, five classes and two hours of commuting. Here is what worked and what did not.


I am moving from the Palm Pre and the biggest difference I have noticed is the huge uptick in speed. Even though the DROID and the Pre use the same processor the DROID moves between applications faster and processes things in those applications much faster. I do like the interface of the Pre better as it is easier and more intuitive to switch between apps, but the DROID is growing on me.

I find holding the home button down and seeing 6 of the most recently used apps very useful.


The calendar app on the DROID works almost perfectly for me. I add due dates and class reminders all the time during the day when I am leaving my classes. I also use the Google calendar at home and at work via the browser. It is convenient to have everything synced without any extra steps; all I have to do is make sure that the background sync on my DROID is on.

When I open the calendar app on the DROID there is no waiting; I can simply add an event and several reminders for that event, save it and go about my business. This makes saving important dates very easy in class and at work.

Task management

I like using task lists with contexts like @home, @work, @computer, whatever and have found them to be essential when trying to balance work, school, home, and play. Sadly, there is no support for this in Android out of box. Luckily we have the program Astrid, simply the best task management program I have ever used on a mobile device (and it syncs with Remember the Milk).

I can create lists quickly with certain contexts. I can also combine Astrid with the power of the program Locale and be reminded of certain contexts as I enter a certain GPS location, appointment on my calendar, time of day, or a combination of them all. I am still perfecting this and would like to work on a tutorial to help others out.

Freezing? Noooo!

Yes, my DROID did freeze through it’s inaugural work day. A fluke, maybe, but still annoying. I had to give it a battery pull. Maybe that is why Verizon and Motorola were making such a big deal about the removable battery; just in case you have to soft reset it! Reboots are super fast though; I may have only been down a good minute.

Battery life

I cannot make a final judgement on battery life but I can say this; if I used my Pre like I used my DROID, it would have needed a charge or battery swap around 1-3pm. With the DROID I got home at 6:30pm with 40% battery life (off of the charger since 6:20am). Definitely beyond usable.

My first complete school/work day with my new DROID was good. Although I had some problems with a freeze or program crash I will say that the phone was generally solid.  I’ll keep testing my DROID and as I try to pull every last ounce of value and use out of it. 😉

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