Watch out for the Ringer Volume adjuster

Got an email from a friend earlier today saying he had tried to call but there was no answer.

Very strange. My Droid was right there on my desk. It must not have rung. And this isn’t the first call I’ve missed.

I was thinking I’d write a blog post saying there might be a bug, but then I was taking a picture and noticed something that hadn’t registered before. My finger was accidentally touching the volume button on the side of the Droid and a message displayed showing the Ringer Volume going down. Bing!

Just a wild guess that if you put a Droid in your pocket and go for a walk you’re probably doing this all the time.

My iPhone does something similar, it may be a design flaw all phones have?

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13 Responses to “Watch out for the Ringer Volume adjuster”

  1. einjen Says:

    My nokia n85 has a switch on the side to lock/unlock the phone. Very convenient

  2. mistermix Says:

    I’ve experienced, and seen reports of, a bug where the droid’s ring volume becomes very quiet (about 1/4 of the normal volume) even if you’ve got it turned up all the way. It has happened a couple of times, and the only cure was a reboot.

    Unfortunately, I can’t yet find the sequence of events that causes it. I suspect the media dock, but haven’t confirmed it.

    • Kevin Says:

      I am experiencing this now, but I don’t have a media dock. So that probably isn’t the cause. My Droid is charging now, so I will have to wait to reboot it and see if that corrects the problem. I have missed several calls due to not hearing the ringer, even though it is set to the highest setting.

    • brooke3113 Says:

      I was experiencing this today. I rebooted…cured.


  3. Tom Karlo Says:

    The iPhone’s ringer volume will only change if the phone is unlocked, which makes it harder for this to occur. And even then, it will not go all the way to silent – it only goes down to a very quiet ring.

    Does the Droid let you change the ringer volume when the phone is otherwise locked?

  4. Millard Says:

    I noticed that I was accidentally turning the volume down while locking/unlocking the phone. Just some sympathetic pressure from my thumb while using my index on the lock button.

  5. Glenn Says:

    I thought I was alone with this problem,I missed calls too!
    I rebooted and it was a temporary cure. I’m also aware of the accidental keying of the volume down but this a separate issue.
    Once I was aware of my hitting the the volume keys,I stayed away from them but problem #1 persists and I can’t have a phone that I can’t hear ringing.Anyone have an app for that?

  6. Mark Says:

    I also experienced both issues:
    1.) ringer volume , even though at full volume was 1/4 +- it normal decibel level.
    2) switch needs a software lock as it is too easy to accidentally turn it off/lower volume level.

    Verizon please address!

    • Barrett Says:

      I’m not sure Verizon *can* fix the problem.
      I looked extensively through the Android 2.0 API and no suck “lock out volume control completely” setting exists.

  7. Susann Joswick Says:

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  8. scaupus Says:

    Major headache. I’ve tried foxy ringer, ring guard and auto ring apps and none really solve the problem, i’m still missing calls. This is a major defect, like Toyota accelerator problems. There should be a recall, and we should get new phones that work as phones.

  9. Barn Says:

    I am having the same problem with my Droid. I am missing many calls because I in inadvertently turn the volume down. I will call Motorola and see if they have a cure.

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