Tips and Tricks #2

This isn’t mind blowing, but it is a two for one.

Want to easily filter your list of tacts in the Contacts app?  Just start typing on the keyboard.

What if you only have a virtual keyboard?  Hold the “Menu” key until it appears, you can bring up the virtual keyboard in almost any situation by doing this.  To close it, just hit the “Back” button.

Contact filtering

Note added Tue, Oct 10:
The Contacts app filtering was tested on two physical devices, one running a stock Android 1.5 build, the other Android 1.5 with HTC’s Sense UI, and one virtual device running stock Android 2.0 build.

9 Responses to “Tips and Tricks #2”

  1. Christopher Smith Says:

    Josh, what keyboard are you using? Is that the HTC keyboard?

    • Josh Turmel Says:

      It’s the HTC IME one, on the screen capture you see above it’s running on a Google Ion (HTC Magic) which is not stock. By default it comes on the HTC Hero and Eris, I recommend it over the stock.

  2. Dave Winer Says:

    How do you take screen shots?

  3. Christopher Smith Says:

    That’s funny that you ask that, Dave. I have been trying to figure it out for the past 20 or so minutes.

    Here is the best link that I have came across although I haven’t tried it yet.

    It involves mounting the phone, installing Android USB drivers, installing the Android SDK, and then enabling it. Seems pretty involved. I am sort of shocked that there isn’t an app for this yet. If there is I haven’t been able to find it.

  4. Bud Gibson Says:

    This holding the menu key to get the keyboard to show up does not work on the Droid. The contacts app in the Droid is completely different from what is shown here. What I believe you are doing is making analogies to the Droid based on your HTC experience.

    I’m not sure it does much good to discuss HTC hardware and software on a site focused on the Motorola Droid. At the very least, you should indicate this is not Droid hardware nor the Android 2.0 OS that ships with the Droid.

    • Josh Turmel Says:

      In general I’m trying to help out all users of Android, which is why in my posts I’m trying to provide ways of doing it between both stock Android apps and specific builds, like HTC’s Sense UI. This may have possibly been removed from 2.0 as it is a stock Contacts app feature, it actually does not work on HTC’s version of Contacts, so this post wasn’t even targeting those users. That being said if we only want Droid information here I’ll probably not post as much as I’m trying to provide info on a more generic level in regards to the platform itself and not the hardware.

  5. Bud Gibson Says:

    Dave, just call it user frustration at attempting a tip that simply did not work at all. I’m not sure if there’s anything meta about that 😉

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