Tips and Tricks #1

I’ll start putting together Tips and Tricks posts based on questions I see on the blog, Twitter and elsewhere.

Want to easily jump to one of the recent apps you have used?

Hold down the “Home” key until a modal window opens up in front of your current app/screen.  It will show you the last 6 apps where you can then click and jump right to it.  This is great for jumping between apps at greater speed than exiting and using the desktop or app drawer.  This adds icing onto the ability to multi-task on the phone since it can have many apps running at once.

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4 Responses to “Tips and Tricks #1”

  1. John Tokash Says:

    Thanks Dave! That’s going to come in handy every day!

  2. Random tip: Don’t forget the icons! « DROIDIE Says:

    […] a group of the last six apps that you’ve launched (I think). I learned about this in a tip right here on the Droidie […]

  3. Droid vs iPhone 3GS « John Tokash Says:

    […] Droid Wins: App Switching Even if you disregard the multitasking advantage of Android, you’ve got to love the shortcut of holding down the home button to see the 6 most recent apps used. (Thanks Josh and Dave!!) […]

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